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      Add: The south of Changan Road,Puzhong Town,Wuzhong District, Suzhou
      Tel: 0512-68580030
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      E-mail: yhw@elite-js.com or info@eliteindustryltd.com
      Why Elite
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      Why choose Elite?
      - We are interested in accepting both big and small orders. We take pride in our work, and can assure the same quality level for any size order. This means more attention is paid to detail, resulting in an overall better product.

      - We value our customers. We store a security stock of product for customers. This means that if a sudden order appears, we can ship the security stock immediately to begin production on your end.

      - We have created a niche market, and we have a comprehensive list of satisfied customers to prove it.
      - We understand the importance of customer service. We are now able to assist customers in English. A native English speaker is on hand to assist customers and to address any issues that might arise.

      - Our continued growth since our humble beginnings demonstrate our ability to satisfy customer demand and develop lasting relationships based on mutual interest and trust.

      - We are a family company. We value honesty and hard work.

      The price. We guarantee quality products for the lowest possible price. Outsourcing parts manufacturing is beneficial to any company operating out of the West. Overall profits can be drastically increased.

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