Company Profile_Suzhou Elite Machinery Co.,LTD.

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      Large Welding Part
      Precision Parts As
      Precision Welding
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      Precision Aluminum
      Injection Molding
      Iron Casting Part
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      Add: The south of Changan Road,Puzhong Town,Wuzhong District, Suzhou
      Tel: 0512-68580030
      Fax: 0512-68580035
      E-mail: or
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      Suzhou Elite Machinery Co.,LTD is owned and managed by three engineers(brothers)initially, each with his own area of expertise. Their unwavering work ethic and continuous pursuit of perfection can be felt within the facility walls. For Elite customers, satisfaction is guaranteed.

      Production equipment: 20 vertical machining center imports, CNC lathe 5, 16 general milling, precision grinder three, Panasonic KR500 gas protection welder three, line cutting, drilling and other sophisticated equipment 15.

      Testing equipment: TESA CMM 1, helium mass prover P 1, Mitutoyo height gauge and inside outside micrometer units, domestic brands gauges gauge sets.
      After years of hard work and development company, has won the praise of Chinese and foreign customers, and established a good cooperative relationship!
      Company Planning: The company plans to buy in 2014 DMG five-axis machining center for two.
      Company philosophy:
      Fine: Talent lean, fine management, excellent equipment, sincere cooperation
      Rui: Technological innovation, quality, customer satisfaction

      電話:0512-68580030/31/32 傳真:0512-68580035
      版權所有:蘇州精銳精密機械有限公司 備案號:蘇ICP備07504493號-2 技術支持:仕德偉科技